P!lot is an indie pop project with a quirky and ethereal sound — accented by a bevy of unique instruments: Casio synths, ukulele, mellotron, omnichord and more. P!lot has been compared to artists like Chairlift, Regina Spektor, Frankie Cosmos, Oh Land and Geneva Jacuzzi.

Originally, Brooklyn-based, P!lot flew down South in 2019, and now resides in Charleston, SC. Erel Pilo leads the project by writing the songs and singing leads. She often performs alongside other muscians as well as solo. The songwriting is inspired by science, literature, relationships and French Yé Yé. With a background in movement, she incorporates dance, roller skating and aerials into performance.

P!lot's next single, “Fake Hangover” comes out March 29th with an album by the same name set for release 11/22/2024. The album is an exploration of themes like femininity, felines, and fame.


Previous events

Rip City CHS is an experimental comedy/variety show that features original sketches, characters, music, performance art, and anything else in between. It's basically Charleston SNL. The works are being performed for the first time for a live audience and the rotating cast keep the show different every month. Rip City CHS is curated & produced by Nameless Numberhead (Henry Riggs & Maari Suorsa).

House Show

House show with Dolphin Group, Mantra solo & P!lot solo


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The minimalist lyrics, jangling tunes and lighthearted melodies on the spellbinding album transport the listener to a simpler time.” - Chelsea Grinstead

Charleston City Paper, February 22, 2023

Reminiscent of Kathryn Williams or Norah Jones, but with a unique delicacy and poignant charm, 'Balloon' is a simply dreamy slice of twinkling folk-pop. ” - Mari Lane

Gig Slutz October 6, 2014

“Erel Pilo is one of the most charming Brooklyn musicians on the block. Her sweet, indie sounds are ethereal, upbeat, and poppy with a hint of folk.” ” - Erin Bagwell

— Feminist Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remember the twee, romantic charms of Chairlift? Erel Pilo has that sort of doe-eyed guy/girl romantic pop song going on, but with an acoustic guitar instead of a synthesizer. ” - Stephen Carradini

Independent Clauses, October 9, 2014